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"A pleasure to work with." – Traveller magazine

Company vision

A unique creative agency, our core values are excellence and inspiration.

Based on our network of top professionals in travel writing and photography, we provide:

  • Training and a community for aspiring travel writers and photographers, whether amateur or professional.

  • Tailor-made services for companies and organisations, including editorial services, staff training and travel product.

Company structure

An independent agency, Travellers' Tales was founded in 2004 by travel writer Jonathan Lorie, after seven years as the editor of Traveller magazine. He is now the director of Travellers' Tales, and writes travel features for national newspapers and magazines.

Our work is assisted by a network of key individuals and organisations with whom we work on a project or strategic basis. We are always looking for more.

Our offices are at 92 Hillfield Road, London NW6 1QA. Our email address is

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Jonathan Lorie, director, leading a course in Morocco. He has been a travel magazine editor, judge of the Thomas Cook Travel Book Award and Dolmen Book Award, and a travel writing tutor at City University, Morley College and the Mary Ward Centre.